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Datum:19 apr 2019 > 22 apr 2019
Begintijd:15:00 uur
Eindtijd:13:00 uur
Organisator:Justice Conference


This years conference theme is:

“Actions that Heal, Narratives that Reconcile: Actualising Justice and Unity”, 19 April - 22 April 2019.

Presentations and workshops on the following topics are planned, keeping the overarching theme in mind:
  • As we “read the reality” of contemporary societies around us and the divisions found therein, what opportunities are presented to take actions that heal, and to engage in powerful narratives that repair, reconcile, and unify?
  • “The purpose of justice is the appearance of unity among men” (Bahá’u’lláh). If the chief instrument for the transformation of society and the achievement of world unity is the establishment of justice in the affairs of humankind (BIC), what injustices do we see around us that must be urgently remedied, and what actions can be taken which lay the foundations for unity?
  • If humanity has emerged from its former limitations, and is in the process of entering into a new stage of maturity, how can we “now become imbued with new virtues and powers, new moralities, new capacities” (‘Abdu’l-Bahá) which are clearly in the service of justice and unity?
  • If we are currently in a process of the “worldwide reconciliation” of the entire human race (Shoghi Effendi), how can we make this manifest in all our actions and interventions in contemporary discourses?
If you wish to make a proposal for a conference workshop or presentation please note that the deadline is 1 February 2019. Submissions by legal scholars and practitioners, as well as by others in non-legal fields, are very welcome (submit to:

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