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de Poort and

De Poort carries out its tasks as environmentally friendly as possible

Although we know that it is difficult to do everything as we would like
we make progress each year




  • As from the 1st of March 2014, we have 274 solar panels. We are 50% self-sufficient in terms of energy. We are on our way.
  • There is no single lightbulb left since 75% of our lights are LED and 25% CFL’s. Outside lights never use more than 5 watts.
  • Our ovens are gas fired and therefore more energy efficient than electrical ovens.
  • The buildings are heated with energy efficient boilers.
  • Our showers have thermostat control which prevents long mixing of hot and cold water, and have water-saving shower heads.
  • A local well of 38 meters deep is from May 2016 on used by us to water our land. A next step is to use this water to flush the lavatories.


What you do not use saves the environment is the motto of our cleaning department. And that it is worth it shows from our guests who are very content about the cleanliness.
  • For floors, widows and furniture we 100% work with microfiber.
  • For showers and other wet rooms we work with 100% biodegradable cleaning substances.
  • We have soap dispensers everywhere which prevents using more than needed.
  • Even our dishwasher does its work with biodegradable soap.
  • We only use fresh, biological, local, products.
  • Vegetables and fruit from the season.
  • De dairy products and meat are biological.
  • We only use additives or half-products when there is no alternative.
  • It is worth to come to taste our biological bread.
  • Our vegetarian dishes, are even very much enjoyed by our guests who love to eat meat. 
We are happy to do our best and feedback is welcome!

The energy agreement signed by entrepreneurs from Groesbeek.