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statement of de Poort

Conference Centre de Poort is a complete and professional organisation in every way. Yet, very often our guests notice that care and quality are both of high standard, while prices are low. This is the result of a conscious choice, following the underlying ethics of our way of doing business.

Our ethics:
  1. De Poort wants to offer services which contribute to the well-being of all mankind. To us as a conference center, this means that the most important thing we can do is offer the best hospitality and very healthy meals. The attributes of thoughtfulness and attentiveness and a warm welcome are key and fundamental to this. Still, we want to progress in this.
  2. The growth of all co-workers at de Poort is of paramount importance. Every person should grow in capabilities and insights. After all, nothing ever stands still. The place where you work - and spend a quarter of your life - is an important place where these lessons can be learned. If you leave exactly as the same person you were when you came in, it was time wasted.
  3. We strive for growth of the collective of our co-workers, and in doing so, we emphasize the essence of a strong and healthy team spirit. Trust is the force that binds people together. You polish a diamond with diamond. In the same way, you polish your qualities against the qualities of others. In a workplace of trust, growing pains are no less severe - but they are more pleasant.
  4. We want to generate a reasonable profit in order to ensure the future existence of de Poort as a conference center. De Poort has chosen to keep the percentage of profit at a moderate level. Coupled with a ‘healthy restraint’ in our spending, we are able to offer our services at below-average prices while still remaining a reliable provider in the long run. After all, we plan for many years ahead to come.