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Covid policy

Since the abolishment of the 1,5 social distance rule, the obligation to wear a facemask and the QR-code, the limitations concerning a stay at De Poort are over for now. There are no more restrictions for guests and groups that stay at De Poort.

Covid disclaimer: We process bookings on the basis of the normal (old) situation. If, because of Covid, new rules will be put in place by the government, De Poort reserves the right to change or cancel a booking, when the rules prevent De Poort from utilizing its full capacity.

Because Covid is still very much present and in order to make a stay at De Poort as safe as possible for everyone, we kindly advise/ask the following:

  • For whomever wishes to wear a facemask, this is of course still permitted and for people who are vulnerable it is recommended.
  • A selftest shortly before arrival (and for longer stays a selftest during the stay) is much appreciated.
  • We are focussed on good ventilation of all the rooms in use and ask our guest to do the same for the hall and hotelrooms.
  • Keep distance insofar this is possible.
  • In general the main rules still apply: everybody with symptoms stays home, all guests adhere to general rules of hygiene and abide by the quarantaine rules set by the Dutch government.

We look forwards to welcoming you to De Poort again in the 'old fashioned' way!