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Introduction                                           (Virtual tour)

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Conference Center de Poort (translation: the Gate) is a spaciously constructed and beautifully
located complex, with 24 acres of private land, situated in Groesbeek near Nijmegen.
The area is rich in nature since it is located in an extensive forest, providing peace, space,
and quiet. It offers a cozy and informal atmosphere, allowing for a professional attitude to
be combined with a spiritual lifestyle.
To offer more than you expect has always been the drive in our work.      
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Studying, meeting, and training are activities that demand a lot of attention and focus. Since we want to offer support in advancing these mentally demanding processes, we have chosen to be an alcohol-free conference center. Many organisations that are regular guests let us know they appreciate this.

‘Offering more than you expect’ also holds true for our international orientated kitchen. During lunch you can enjoy, among other things, delicious soups, black Turkish olives, Greek feta, and several fresh salads. For dinner we serve a variety of interesting (vegetarian) meals with fresh salads as well. Additionally, de Poort offers delicious desserts. We continually develop our kitchen, facilitated through constant feedback from our guests. All ingredients are fresh and we use mostly local products. Our cooking is seasonal with use of a lot of organic products.

De Poort consists of four buildings, offering capacity for multiple groups up to 200 persons in total. Our guests have the choice of fifty, single to 3-person rooms. There are fifteen conference rooms where meetings, conferences, trainings, and courses can be held. The smallest room has a maximum capacity of 10 persons, our largest room for up to 200 people. In addition, we have several meeting areas, course-rooms and, and a tranquility zone. The restaurant, with its spacious terraces and a cozy veranda, has a maximum buffet capacity for 250 people.

We look forward to welcome you to de Poort soon!


Course agenda

Course Date
1 Jul 2024 tot 3 Jul 2024
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8 Jul 2024 tot 14 Jul 2024
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30 Jul 2024 tot 10 Aug 2024
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13 Sep 2024 tot 15 Sep 2024
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3 Oct 2024 tot 4 Oct 2024
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